MIDI volume (Re: mciSendString for volume)

curry curry at pair.com
Fri Oct 31 13:42:24 EST 2003

Dar Scott wrote:

>Wild guesses to try:
>mci "setaudio mid volume to 30"
>mci "set mid volume to .3"

Hey Dar, thanks for those guesses!

I tried all kind of stuff with MCI but got absolutely nowhere. I'm 
not sure if volume is supported for MIDI by that route or not. (If 
anyone knows, give a holler please! It seems like MCI should do it, 
theoretically, but I haven't been able to find the way.)

But, that last one you mentioned got me hopeful again--I haven't done 
any Win API programming so I didn't know it, but I looked it up and 
it looks good. If MCI can't do the MIDI volume at all, this looks 
like my best bet.

>Maybe the new fmod external can address this for you.

Well, I really think that one is super, right on because we do need 
good non-QT support on Windows, and worth the cost of FMOD if you use 
all the features. But in this case, it seems like overkill since my 
project is all ready to go other than controlling the MIDI volume, 
and I'd have to license FMOD. (Also, I still couldn't tell from the 
Rev external download whether it supports all the features, including 
volume.) I think I will consider it in the future though. I think 
that making something that high quality available to Rev is a 
wonderful step.

So, right now I'm thinking to use midiOutSetVolume, perhaps with one 
of the BASIC compilers that support Declare statements and make small 
enough executables. I think that's about the best I can do.

Thanks Dar and if anyone has a better solution do please let me know, 
otherwise I am going to try making a little helper app in BASIC. 
Windows audio in Rev without QT is almost tolerable--MIDI volume 
control is the one thing missing. With it, you have one-channel sound 
effects (OK for many cases) and MIDI at the same time if you like. 
That should do it for most apps and many games.

Best wishes,


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