Odd behaviour with long file names on OS X

Dom mcdomi at free.fr
Fri Oct 31 11:42:14 EST 2003

When I try to give a file a "long" filename, i.e. more than the 31 char
Mac OS Classic limit via the the "set the filename" command, it ends
with a truncated file name on the Finder, finishing with some #
cabalistic chars...

No need to say that after that Revolution is somewhat confused about
which file is in use ;->

For instance, I am importing a text file named "The Adventure of the
Blue Carbuncle.text" into a Rev stack...

The stack is given this name : "The Adventure of the #90EAD.r#0"

I had this "translation" when I copied from a OS X computer to a OS 8.6
one... Wonder why revolution this "translation"??

Besides that, not that the extension is also an odd one...
When I try to open this file, Rev complains that it is corrupted!

Moreover, one has to EXPLICITLY save the stack -- if I close this stack,
there is sometimes NO WARNING that the the stack is not saved...

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