iGame3D Q&A

WIlliam Griffin bill at igame3d.com
Fri Oct 31 02:00:31 EST 2003

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I'll quickly answer some questions.

"Is it possible to do the following?
I'm interested in being able to render high quality scenes, suitable 
for display on web pages. Is this possible?
Create hi-rez single pictures. IOW, create a large poly count mesh with 
numerous textures and 'take a picture' instead of real-time animate."

-Yes this is built right in , there is a Snapshot window you can get 
from under the Window Menu.
It will output .png files, (I just found a glitch in that tonight, 
earning the app its beta status again.)

A  full screen snapshot scaled down to about 240dpi at 8 inches across.
Plenty of resolution for your webpage.  The screensave script command 
allows you to say, press a key,  click the mouse or render out based on 
some variable.

Also you can get about 80,000 polygons into the scene, perfomance of 
course takes a nose dive at some point, at least on my computer.
iGame3D is not intended to replace Cinema4D, LightWave and Maya, yet.

  -Render hi-rez single images w/alpha channel?
No not currently, iGame3D is primarily developed for interactive 
I'm pretty sure though you could make a stack that does that using the 
external and Revolution:
image out, image in, do some channel trick and get the result you want, 
Same with making movies, iGame3D itself doesn't do that but a someone 
could build stacks that combine image sequences into a single movie 

-MIP map objects. Yes Thats a default.

'-Anti-alias objects
-Reflection Maps?
All these things could be done, but Tobi would never be able to tell if 
they worked correctly because his development machine is only a G3 400 
We've been working on this project for a year now without income, with 
varying bits of burn out, endless no feedback beta's and increasing 
New features such  as these have to wait until that situation reverses.
We still face at least 3 weeks of documenting the 500 controls of the 
iGame3D stack along with beta testing it ourselves.

Since I didn't list features explicitly last night I may as well do 
that now.
-a feature-rich mesh modeling editor
-Import of widely used 3D model formats: 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, Lightwave 
LWO, Coalesce and Meshwork models.
-Export of 3DS,OBJ,Coalesce and Meshwork models
-import of all image types QuickTime supports on Mac and PNG texture 
loading on PC.
-an efficient, quite easy to learn scripting language that requires no 
-about the whole engine is cross-platform
-Lights, Fog, Background color, Object Mesh color,
-Bones based Model Animation
-Support for sound through the FMODforRev external

We should have a link for the external for sale up by Monday, (waiting 
for PayPal account stuff to clear.)

Anymore questions? Any comments? Found a Bug? Feel free to email us off 

Willaim Griffin & Tobias Opfermann
info at igame3d.com

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