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Alex Rice alex at
Thu Oct 30 13:10:52 EST 2003

On Oct 30, 2003, at 11:00 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> I've similar experiences as Richard with this. Since using Rev, I've 
> (knock
> on wood) *never* experienced a corrupted stack --and I've crashed Rev a
> bunch ;-)

I figured Richard is still using Metacard most of the time & hence the 
good track record. You are lucky indeed.

> On those rare occasions when I couldn't get a stack to open, I lock 
> messages
> and open the stack,...

FWIW when you do get a corrupted stack you will see an error dialog 
"There was a problem opening that stack: stack is corrupted, check for 
~ backup file".

This happens even with messages locked- you can't even open the stack 
at all.

> As I'm sure you know, Rev loads your whole stack(s) in memory and 
> works with
> them while in memory. So, the *only* time a stack can get corrupted is
> during a save or save as (or virus).

Which is why I think there must be a problem with Rev's save routines. 
These corrupted stacks have occurred on various different OS X 
installations with different hard disks, different CPUs, different OS 
versions, etc. No OS crashes or crashes have preceded 
the corrupted stack either.

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