corrupted stack

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Oct 30 13:00:55 EST 2003

Hi Alex,

I've similar experiences as Richard with this. Since using Rev, I've (knock
on wood) *never* experienced a corrupted stack --and I've crashed Rev a
bunch ;-)

On those rare occasions when I couldn't get a stack to open, I lock messages
and open the stack, then comment out all the

on preOpenStack
on openStack
on startup

handlers and go from there. Usually it's something in one of those handlers.
As I'm sure you know, Rev loads your whole stack(s) in memory and works with
them while in memory. So, the *only* time a stack can get corrupted is
during a save or save as (or virus). I'm using XP. You're mileage may vary
if on Mac.

altArchive has saved by *%$ quite a few times also! For those of you who may
be lurking and don't know, altArchive is a free plugin which saves iterative
versions of your stack and puts them in an 'archive folder' at the same
level as your stack. More can be found at:



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