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Alex Rice alex at
Thu Oct 30 11:43:35 EST 2003

On Oct 30, 2003, at 7:10 AM, Gideon Greenspan wrote:
> I have done this, but it seems Revolution does not add my bundle's
> resources to the resource chain automatically. So instead I am trying  
> to
> do this manually, using this sort of code:
> UseResFile(CFBundleOpenBundleResourceMap(CFBundleGetMainBundle()));
> The trouble is that CFBundleGetMainBundle seems to give me the
> CFBundleRef for the Revolution application and not my plug-in bundle.
> Surely there must be an easy way to get the CFBundleRef for my plug-in?

You can lookup your contained bundle just as if it's another resource  
in the main bundle. See "Locating a bundle using the bundle name"


Also "Locating Resources Inside a Bundle" looks useful.

Once you get the CFBundleRef, it should be fine and present no  
problems. However, it seems like it might be better to compile the  
original C code into your new external.bundle instead of jumping  
through all these hoops.

Good luck! I've never had to access bundle resources from within an  
external. I've done it from in a Cocoa application- but that's easier  
because I was just dealing with the main bundle.

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