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Gideon Greenspan revolution at
Thu Oct 30 09:10:32 EST 2003

>> Now I want to have some resources accessible from the external code using
>> the usual GetResource-style calls. I've tried putting the resources
>> inside the .rev file, as well as compiling them into the external bundle,
>> but neither method seems to work. I'd rather not manually mess about with
>> the resource chain from within the external, since that could cause all
>> sorts of problems. Is there any simple way to make resources available to
>> the external?
>I think in addition to your external lib, you can stash various  
>resources inside the bundle, then use CoreFoundation, Carbon or Cocoa  
>functions to get the resources at runtime.

I have done this, but it seems Revolution does not add my bundle's 
resources to the resource chain automatically. So instead I am trying to 
do this manually, using this sort of code:


The trouble is that CFBundleGetMainBundle seems to give me the 
CFBundleRef for the Revolution application and not my plug-in bundle. 
Surely there must be an easy way to get the CFBundleRef for my plug-in?

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