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Scott Rossi wrote:

> I misread the problem in the original post as having to do with
> object references, not variable references.  I was referring to the use of
> underscores for object names (ie field _name vs field "name").  I do, in
> fact, use the same naming conventions for variables.

I misread too:  I thought you were referring to vars. :)

But it does inntroduce a powerful aspect of Rev, being among the very few
xTalks that offer a name property and a label property separate from one
another:  you can use the name as a sort of mnemonic ID, since you have the
label for display.

For example, in an app I'm writing for a magazine article I have a button
named "Connect" that is used forboth connecting and disconnecting from a
server.  While I've named it simply "Connect", I can change its label to
"Disconnect" while it's connected, and use tha label to determine the state
in my scripts.

I do something similar with stack names.  For example, in WebMerge the About
stack is named "wmAbout", its FTP stack is named "wmFTP", etc.  The stack
titles are set to something more descriptive for the user, butin my scripts
I havve simple single-word names that are unique for each project, allowing
me to work on several app at once without fear of conflicting stack names.

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