Setting the Mouse Button (and Printing Weirdness)

Gardner, Joseph A joe.gardner at
Thu Oct 30 02:52:52 EST 2003

Folks, I'm having a weird problem with setting the mouse button in a print handler. I'd like to have a regular mouse click (Button 1) print the contents of a field and a control- or right-click (Button 3) display the appropriate print dialogs before printing. However, after control-clicking the button once, subsequent regular clicks _keep_ producing the print dialogs even though the answer shows that theButton is 1 (plain click). Control-clicking works as expected, why does the "if theButton is 3" loop keep kicking in when theButton is clearly 1? Here's the handler I'm trying to get under control:

on mouseUp theButton
  answer theButton
  if field "FileContents" is empty then exit to top
    if theButton is 3 then -- Control-click, right-click
      revShowPrintDialog true,true
    end if
  revPrintField ("field" && quote & "FileContents" & quote)
  put 1 into theButton
end mouseUp

Working in OSX 10.2 on a G4 expecting to port to Windows eventually.

Thanks for any advice!


p.s. Any idea why revPrintField would print the contents of the field on a light gray background when printing to a laser printer? It's very strange.

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