Newbie questions

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Oct 29 23:11:30 EST 2003

Hi Paul,

Some-one else has already told you that "name" is a reserved word, so 
that it what breaks this script. An easy way to find out if you have 
used any reserved words is to "Colorize" your scripts. From the Script 
Editor, turn on "Live Colorization" in the View menu, of choose 
"Colorize" in the Script menu. Then any reserved words will be colored 
and you can see at a glance whether any of your variable names or 
function names are going to cause problems.


On Sunday, October 19, 2003, at 07:54  am, Paul Malloy wrote:

> I am a former HyperCard, SuperCard and OMO user who has just purchased
> Revolution. Good to see many familiar names on this list.
> I am trying to port some OMO stacks to Revolution by pasting the 
> scripts
> into objects in Rev. I am running into a very basic problem: None of my
> scripts execute. For example, I have this script in card 2
> on closecard
>   global name, age, education, occupation, gender, handedness, marital
>   put fld "name" into name

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