Trapping The Keypad 'Clear' Key

Igor Couto igor at
Wed Oct 29 19:06:07 EST 2003

Dear Ken,

Thank you for the reply!

On 30/10/2003, at 2:59 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> Trap the rawKeyDown or rawKeyUp message and look for 65407. I'm pretty
> sure it's the same on all platforms, but haven't tested it yet.

This is *precisely* what I'm concerned about, though: will this number 
be the same on ALL keyboards, and ALL PLATFORMS? Is this number based 
on some hardware standard that all manufacturers must adhere to, or 
will there be variations?

If there is anyone out there who can try this on a Windows & on a Linux 
keyboard - and perhaps on a laptop, too - could you kindly report back 
to us?...

And while we're on this topic: will I have to use the same message 
(rawKeyDown) to trap the "=" (equal) key on the keypad? - it does not 
seem to trigger any character!...

Many thanks for any hints or reports!

igor at

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