Cross Platform Build - my first

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Oct 29 18:15:35 EST 2003


> 	c. OS Classic does not load mpegs or audio or png 
> images as referenced 
> - links are NOT ok
> Classic seems to have lost the reference path yet I built them all at 
> once so nothing changed on my end. Any ideas???

This may have to do with the path differences between OS X and Classic.
You may need to check under Classic to see what paths it thinks it's
supposed to use.

> 2. Both Macintosh builds looks great as expected. Both Windows builds 
> look terrible.
> 	a. light blue card background shows up in some fields 
> and not others - 
> did not show up in original rev app
> 	b. parts of actual light blue background show up as white.
> 	c. parts of white area(should not even be there) 
> actually cover up 
> background text fields in background.

Can't help you here... that sounds really strange unless you have set
those colors somehow.

> 	d. buttons look awful. The three dimensional effect in 
> Mac OSX in REV 
> are lost and buttons lose borders so they appear to bleed into 
> background.
> 	e. fields look awful. The edges have lost their borders

First of all, you need to know that the buttons and fields should look
exactly as other buttons/fields in other Windows apps which may look
awful to you coming from development on the Mac, but are perfectly
normal in Windows (that is, if you're using standard settings and
haven't gone and set a bunch of border, etc. properties).

> 	d. text with effects have lost their styles completely 
> - size, font 
> etc.

If you used a Mac-specific font in development (like Lucida Grande) it
won't exist in Windows and it will default to a default font like MS
Sans Serif or Helvetica.
> What settings in Build should I use for best cross platform 
> support? What font should I use? - Can a font be included 
> with build? (like 
> director)

You can't embed a font (like in Director or Flash), but you can install
one with your app if you need to. Better yet would be to pick a good
Windows font and use it for Windows and your Mac font for Mac.

> How can I make "NICE" looking buttons and fields that will 
> look good on 
> all platforms?(with out recreating from scratch)

Well, "Nice" is relative... :-) Look at other apps in Windows and see if
your app's buttons and fields look different... if so, let us know and
someone on the list should be able to help out. Some screenshots of what
your app looks like in Mac and in Windows would help a lot.

> Did I do right by combining the Data folder and moving to 
> root of CD? How can I get media folder to be at root and 
> still be shared by all 
> three apps?

What you did *should* work, although I haven't done that myself.

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