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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Oct 29 15:49:24 EST 2003

On 10/29/03 2:42 PM, Mark Powell wrote:

> Late on this thread...
> I have a work flow where I also build complex reports with Rev, which I then
> render them in HTML.  Currently, I manually use Acrobat's native "Open Web
> Page" command to create PDFs from the HTML.  
> However I am also looking for a solution where a PDF can be created on the
> fly from the HTML that Rev has written.  I have not tested the following,
> but it does say specifically that it supports page breaks and
> headers/footers.  
> This would presuppose that you have HTML in your flow, which you may not
> want to do.  And it presupposes that it can be driven from Rev, which I
> don't yet know.  But food for thought.

If you find out if it works, let us know. Unfortunately for me, this is 
a Windows-only solution.

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