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Late on this thread...

I have a work flow where I also build complex reports with Rev, which I then
render them in HTML.  Currently, I manually use Acrobat's native "Open Web
Page" command to create PDFs from the HTML.  

However I am also looking for a solution where a PDF can be created on the
fly from the HTML that Rev has written.  I have not tested the following,
but it does say specifically that it supports page breaks and

This would presuppose that you have HTML in your flow, which you may not
want to do.  And it presupposes that it can be driven from Rev, which I
don't yet know.  But food for thought.


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Thanks for all the suggestions for scripting PDF conversions. They each 
have their advantages and I'm saving them all for future use.

Unfortunately, they all convert existing documents, and none of the 
supported file formats provide for complex document structures. I have a 
print layout stack with headers and footers, which remain static, and 
variable body text in the middle. I need to print each page to a PDF 
file with the headers and footers intact. The only way I can think of to 
preserve header and footer spacing on the page, along with pagination, 
is to intercept the printing outputs from Revolution just as the "Save 
as PDF" option in the print dialog does.

Can anyone think of a way to preserve headers and footers on each page 
while saving to PDF? I'm particularly stuck when I try to figure out how 
to preserve the spacing between a short amount of body text and a footer 
that always needs to be at the same relative position at the bottom of 
the page.

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