Command option

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Tue Oct 28 10:54:47 EST 2003

>Jacqueline wrote:
>That's what I do. Here is part of my frontscript:
>on tabKey
>    if controlkey() = "down" then
>      if the tool = "pointer tool"
>      then choose browse tool
>      else choose pointer tool
>    else pass tabKey
>end tabKey
>This lets me control-tab to change tools. I never could get used to the
>Cmd-9/0 thing because it requires the wrong hand.

Thanks for this tip. Interesting that the right hand is the left hand 
in this instance. Very sinister.

Along the same left-handed lines, I have gotten in the habit of using 
the command-control-shift-click option for most of my actions on RR 
controls. The virtue is that it brings up a contextual window 
(appropriate to the control) and is independent of whether the browse 
or pointer tool is selected. (The control key works only when the 
pointer is selected.) For example, in this contextual window it is a 
snap to edit the control's script or the card'a script or the stack's 
script or to run through the fields and set the lock text to true. 
Very powerful. (And I never seem to have the command-option problem.)


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