Still no good PNG

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Tue Oct 28 23:11:30 EST 2003


I'm stumped.

Nothing I do makes the image show up properly. I want a blended translucent
image for all platforms mode. In SC I could do it by setting inks, but in
Rev's All Platforms mode, the middle of the image where the blend occurs is
blown out. I tried all kinds of tricks in PhotoShop (LE is all I have on
this machine), and the image is a layer with no background (the checkerboard
is there in PS). In PS the image is fine, but when I import it to Rev, the
blended portion is completely gone.

If anyone has a blended translucent image for all platforms in a Rev stack,
can you please send me a demo offlist, and explain how you got it?

Desparately Seeking Blended Translucent PNG,
Ken N.

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