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Dear Michael,

YES,, I would like as much extra details as you are willing to give. 
Like I said I am in a crunch on this one and if I can export the 
Powerpoint to Keynote and then bring into REV then that will save me 
months of time. I then will not be in a crunch. :-)

I just told my boss that he had to buy Keynote and since we just bought 
a new Powerbook 15" there is even a $50.00 discount. he is going to buy 
it tomorrow.

Thanks again,


On Tuesday, October 28, 2003, at 05:23 PM, Michael J. Lew wrote:

> I am now regularly making PowerPoint presentations from within 
> Revolution with all of the bells-and-whistles :-)
> It is very straightforward, but you will need Keynote.
> Simply
> 1. Open your PowerPoint presentation in Keynote (the current version 
> opens my lectures without any errors at all!).
> 2. Set your builds as you want them (Keynote builds are often better 
> than PowerPoint builds).
> 3. Export the file as a Quicktime movie (you will get a big file if 
> you [like me] choose the highest quality, but CDs are big enough so 
> who cares?).
> 4. Make a Revolution card with a big player on it.
> 5. Set the player's filename to the movie file and that's about it.
> You can make all sorts of customisations from within Revolution, for 
> example I have a button that sets the backrop to black and hides the 
> menubar. It really is easy and reliable. Even if you don't have 
> Keynote I think you will find it is worth buying it to save the time 
> that you would otherwise waste on trying to match PowerPoint in 
> Revolution (voice of experience ;-) ...if you don't have an OS X Mac 
> then maybe it will not be as feasible.
> Let me know if you want extra details.
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