Panther Install Question

Brian Maher plsntbreez at
Tue Oct 28 18:48:00 EST 2003

Hi Folks,

I have installed OS X 10.3 on a newly formatted drive and am trying to 
use security properly (i.e. my account is a "normal" account and I have 
a separate "admin" account).

I installed Rev 2.1 using the "admin" account and my personal account 
had no access to it.  I changed that by going into "Get Info" on the 
Rev folder using the admin account and setting the correct permissions. 
  I also cascaded those permissions down to subfiles within the folder.

I can now get Rev to start but I immediately get the following message:

There was an error saving your licensing key.  Check file permissions. 
can't open stack backup file

Obviously, I did not set the permissions as well as I thought I did.  
Can anyone give me the correct way to do this?

Thanks, Brian

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