How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Tue Oct 28 12:43:00 EST 2003

Hi Tuviah,

> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:29:04 -0500
> From: "Tuviah Snyder" <tuviah at>
> Subject: re: How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?
>> I thought I saw Tuviah say you could record sound in Rev and play it back
> in
>> WMP, but nothing I've tried works.
> Check out the recordformat property and make sure it is set to something
> like "wave".
That still creates a QT file (acccording to the icon it ends up with).
> Also check the recordcompression and make sure that it is set to a format
> readable by Windows (like no compression).
Right. No compression.

I'll take yet another stab at it, but I think I went through everything. My
little recorder offers all the options available for recording in Rev. The
file extensions all get named as expected.

QT translates and plays them fine.

WMP always refuses, throws an error "Cannot play back file. File format not

Oddly, my friend across town was able to eventually open and play a file I
sent, apparently in WMP on a Windows box. But it wouldn't open in the email.
he had to put it somewhere on disk, but it did play when he opened it. The
only difference I can tell is that I reduced the size (mono) and the bit
rate (11025). The file was about 13% of the original.

This is sooooo strange. I wish I knew what was really happening.

Ken N.

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