Outsourcing / Writing dll's for Revolution...

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at btclick.com
Tue Oct 28 11:08:52 EST 2003

Due to time constraints on a number of projects we are now outsourcing 'core
functionality' to other agencies.

We've had great success with RentACoder.com ; the 'ebay' of the coding
world. We've commissioned projects which have been delivered within time, to
specification (and often added extra's) and *well* within budget.

However, we wish to retain 'overall' control so have designed a framework in
Rev to deal with registration, serial numbers, preference saving and opening
and a number of other user activities. This means we can also keep our
applications visually pleasing and maintain branding.

Although I appreciate this will cut down our market (I haven't used my Mac
in months!) I wish to use a series of outsourced dll's. Does anyone have any
advice / recommendations on using dll's with revolution? How do dll's
'integrate' with revolution? How do I pass parameters and receive 'it' or
'the result'? What do I instruct the outsourcers to build?

I'd be happy to pay for a dll 'framework' for use with Rev ... and hey why
not dust off the Mac...what about an XCMD/XCFN framework as well? 

Thanks in advance,

Gary Rathbone BSc MBCS
Chartered IT Professional 

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