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Tue Oct 28 01:48:15 EST 2003

OH MY GOD... I didn't know that!!!!

This is my third PowerBook and I have have been using Mail since it 
came out. I never knew that.
I just hit the space bar and it scrolled to the bottom and then hit it 
again to advance to the next email and then hit again to scroll to that 
emails next page.

I'm not kidding... I have been using my wireless mouse so long that I 
didn't know..

Well you learn something new every day.


On Tuesday, October 28, 2003, at 12:27 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

> On Oct 27, 2003, at 7:11 PM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:
>> I have complied with a request to not change the subject line to make 
>> it easier to view threads. I have also switched from digest mode to 
>> single mode.
>> I preferred the mouse scroll button on my wireless mouse in one long 
>> window , but did the change anyway.
>> now may I request that new comments are at the top of a reply and not 
>> strewn within and throughout the entire reply. It is very hard to 
>> read and I have to move the mouse up to the mail field and select 
>> next email and then move down to content field and then scroll to 
>> read text at bottom of reply. (I hope I am not coming off as 
>> complaining)
>> it was much better when I could just scroll with the mouse wheel the 
>> whole digest.
> Thomas- I see you are running Apple, from your message 
> headers. A fine choice for a Mail program! Try using the up-down 
> arrows to go between messages, and hitting the space bar to 
> page-scroll the message, and page up/down keys within the message as 
> well. No mousing required.
> The issue about posting at the top, bottom or middle of a reply is one 
> of those well-argued issues that people always agree to disagree about 
> :-)
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