Windows TTS- what about "Narrator"?

Paul Stary paul at
Mon Oct 27 20:21:35 EST 2003

I joined the list just this morning and have missed some of the prior 
discussion about Windows TTS. I am hoping my Revolution stack using 
revSpeak will be able to access Windows TTS functionality as provided 
by <>ReadPlease, which uses the 
AT&T NaturalSpeak engine. If you have not heard their 16bit voices, 
you will be shocked! The Rich and Claire voices are by far the most 
natural sounding TTS I have ever heard and may even replace 
professional announcers in quality. Unfortunately, chews up massive 
system resources.

I'm hoping some of you have insight on how to make this work. I infer 
from early replies to this thread that revSpeak does NOT support XP, 
but then this message...

At 4:05 AM -0500 10/27/03, Tuviah Snyder wrote:
>  >I know. I sure hope they can patch revSpeak for XP somehow.
We are adding support for SAPI 5.x. I just hope the people at MS actually
stick to this API, and don't come up with  a SAPI 6.Net.Com which requires
another full rewrite.

Tuviah Snyder <tuviah at> <>
Runtime Revolution Limited - Software at the Speed of Thought

Does this mean revSpeak now DOES support XP?

I plan to contact ReadPlease tomorrow to find out if the AT&T TTS 
software is installed as a system resource and can be accessed by the 
Speech Control Panel like the Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice I tried 
yesterday on W98 machine. Will report back. Not sure if this means 
rveSpeak will access it, though. Any opinions?

Paul Stary

At 4:57 PM -0800 10/27/03, Judy Perry wrote:
>I may have missed it somewhere, but:
>Is 128 MB RAM enough for windows XP TTS in Rev?
>Especially if the stack now contains a bunch of images and sounds too?
>On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, Kurt Kaufman wrote:
>>  I see there is a program called "Narrator" which will read contents of
>>  windows (Win XP, Win2000, others?) which appears to be a part of the
>>  operating system; it certainly was installed by default.  Is there a
>>  chance that this program might be harnessed for use by Rev-based
>  > applications?

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