Resources from externals

Gideon Greenspan revolution at
Mon Oct 27 18:47:10 EST 2003

I am developing an OS X-only project under Runtime Revolution 2.1 with an 
external compiled as a Mach-O bundle using Project Builder. I am porting 
an application which was originally built on HyperCard and had a lot of C 
code compiled into an external XFCN.

Now I want to have some resources accessible from the external code using 
the usual GetResource-style calls. I've tried putting the resources 
inside the .rev file, as well as compiling them into the external bundle, 
but neither method seems to work. I'd rather not manually mess about with 
the resource chain from within the external, since that could cause all 
sorts of problems. Is there any simple way to make resources available to 
the external?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Gideon Greenspan
Lead Developer
Sig Software

ggreenspan at

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