newsgroup vs. mailing list

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Oct 27 18:11:55 EST 2003

>Check out <>
>That algorithm uses the Subject:, In-reply-to: and References: 
>headers.  A number of mail clients use this algorithm and it's being 
>proposed as an extension of the IMAP protocol, so it must be pretty 
>good :-)
>Basically the idea is that you can deduce more about message 
>threading by looking at the various message headers than just 
>looking at the Subject header alone. Some mail clients do it well, 
>some not so well.
>Alex Rice <alex at> | Mindlube Software | <>

Yes, the in-reply-to and references headers are needed to establish 
parent-child relations but subject selection must be applied first. 
Eudora (at least pre-6) shows a single-level list, so these relations 
are not visible anyway. This is why I wrote 'grouping' not 
'threading'. For most lists, I find this quite sufficient. Others may 
be more demanding :)


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