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On Oct 27, 2003, at 11:53 AM, Jan Schenkel wrote:
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Thanks Jan- this is a really good intro to Rev's report printing 
capabilities! It's really good of you.

Can you comment at all on the label-mode (many cards per page) feature 
of Rev?

My report consists of long tables. Many sections and subsections. 
Varying number of columns. Columns have labels, and fields are 
formatted on a per-cell basis (right aligned, bolded, etc.). Sections 
are separated by h-rule line graphics. Some tables span multiple pages, 
so clean page breaks are a must- and that's what's tripping me up with 
my ad-hoc report printing functions.  Unfortunately for me, Rev's 
report builder capabilities really seem oriented towards 
stack-as-database/card-as-record type of programming model. It doesn't 
seem to really be oriented towards making a tabular report with rows 
and columns.

Hey is it possible to force a page break in the middle of a field? 
Putting a ^L character into a field or something?

Thanks again,

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