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Mon Oct 27 16:55:20 EST 2003

On Oct 27, 2003, at 2:10 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> I don't know whether E6 uses in-reply-to header. I doubt. Earlier 
> versions group posts (threads) simply by matching subject. That work 
> fine for me.
> Actually, I am not sure whether the in-reply-to headers can be easily 
> used for following threads.
> p06002005bbc061618415@[]
> a05200f3dbbc288811db3@[]
> FA5ABCFA-08AF-11D8-B5D9-000393C4760A at
> How do the above form a readily definable thread?

Check out <>

That algorithm uses the Subject:, In-reply-to: and References: headers. 
  A number of mail clients use this algorithm and it's being proposed as 
an extension of the IMAP protocol, so it must be pretty good :-)

Basically the idea is that you can deduce more about message threading 
by looking at the various message headers than just looking at the 
Subject header alone. Some mail clients do it well, some not so well.

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