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Mon Oct 27 12:44:14 EST 2003

Hi Thomas,

> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 03:05:01 -0500
> From: Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
> Subject: Re: Windows sound and music--help!
> I also work with handicapped people. I work on software for them to
> speak with. I am currently working on an overlay creator for Speech
> Pathologists and teachers to use for dynamic speech boards.
> I work with Aug Comm for two other companies as well.
I'm very interested, but not a professional. I designed a communication
stack in HC a few years ago for a speech impaired user when I was a CNA at a
local nursing home. She was able to communicate needs to the staff for the
first time in 2 years!! That spurred me to try to advance  some solutions
for others.

We live on an island, and, though there is ferry service, we're a little cut
off from speech therapist services. The only one living in the islands is
retired (as much as she can be) on Orcas, still a 45 minute ferry ride (plus
20 minutes on the departure side) each way. We only get advice and services
from the mainland twice a year.
> What do you do? for yourself?
I do landscape maintainance. Mostly mow, trim, digging, brushcutting and
removal, some light tree work. But arthritis and CTS (from weedeaters) are
creeping up fast. It's getting very painful to do that work, and I am
looking for other opportunities to do what I love most: Use technology to
help handicapped achieve equal opportunities.

Most of the people I'm concerned with are fairly severe cases. Not only
difficulty with speech, but with severe fine motor control deficits, each a
little different. Plus, they have very limited all basically goes
to their long-term care facility. Tough to come up with extra anything for
this type of therapy.

How about you? What do you do, specifically? How do you use Rev?

I'm always interested in looking for funding and specialty
adaptive/assistive devices. Sounds like you've been doing this awhile.
You're a lucky guy if you're doing what you want.

Ken N.

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