How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 27 05:33:34 EST 2003

Hi Ken,

> Hi again,
> First, I want to thank you for your replies. I'm sure there are others,
> active or lurking, that can benefit.

I hope so, since it IS a bit complicated...

> Please forgive cheeky comments, just
> humor my less-than-bright understanding.


See below :) *

> ...
>>> I assume they should also play
>>> back on WMP in Windows on a PC.
>> I doubt ;-)
>>> ----------
>>> I understand codecs when they come into
>>> play, but I don't understand why a file type created by QT can't be
>>> played
>>> by any other player on any other machine which can recognize it.
>> It can, see below...
> Well, see, that's confusing poor ole Ken here.

Sorry, grandpa :-)

> You said you doubt before,
> then you say it can. Tsk, tsk, what to believe ;-)

As you can see, not only women are shilly-shally sometimes :-D

(I was referring to special QT codecs...)

> ----------
>>> Does MP come with a 'Pro' version like QT Pro which will allow
>>> conversions?
>> Sorry, no idea...
>> I do all of the multimedia stuff/editing on my mac :-)
> Yep, me too. Having problems, though.

Thats no guarantee, for sure...

> ...
>> Like:
>> Audio:
>> AIFF with NO compression...*
>> WAV with NO compression...*
>> AU with µlaw 2.1 compression...*
>> (Important: 44.1, 22.05 or 11.025 khz sample-rate, 8 or 16 bit
>> sample-depth)
>> Video:
>> AVI compression: Cinepak (low quality, but compatible)*
>> DivX (if you installed the macversion of DivX)
>> MPG (only playback supported QT)*
> ----------
> AFAIK, you can create a MPEG4 sound and/or video file with QT, but if a
> sound MP4, I think it uses a movie sound track device, which would 
> bring in
> the QT-spec codecs. Not sure, though. I have a couple I made with 
> QT...I'll
> try a playback with MediaPlayer.

Although MPEG4 is an industry-standard, the MS implemtation is NOT.
WMA and other MS "streaming" formats are the MS-version of MP4...

Good luck when testing ;-)

> ----------
>> * Will also work on *NIX!
> ----------
> Cool..I didn't know that. Thanks again.

> ----------
>> Chances are very good (NO guarantees!) that these formats can be 
>> played
>> on
>> win WITHOUT QT...
> ----------
> Yep, see, that's what I thought, too. I have a little recorder I made 
> in
> Rev. Let me sing into Rev to create a MP4 and send it as voicemail to a
> friend with Windows...see what happens

You sing and send voicemails with it to friends???

Must be GOOD friends, i think ;-) *

> ----------SNIP
>>> And further, how do we ensure that
>>> the user won't have to go to extraordinary lengths, i.e., outside of
>>> using a reasonably recent OS, to display media content?
>> I would be a rich man, if i could answer this question ;-)
> ----------
> In that case, I hope you can. My van is too slow, you could buy me a 
> new
> Lamborghini   ;->

I, personally, would prefer a Mercedes SL 8-)

>> Check this page for further info about bundling QT with your app...
> Thanks. Doggone Apple won't license to bundle anything less than QT6,
> though.

Its just annoying, but still free...

> Ken N.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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