Panther problems

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sun Oct 26 21:30:56 EST 2003


I agree that this may be contributed by REV. I just don't see how. :) 
Then again I'm new to rev and have not spent enough time to notice the 
ongoing behavior.

I did notice the grayed out items mentioned in 2) and I thought they 
were possibly MC files converted over etc.

This is certainly a problem and I need to see how this affects 
standalones on peoples systems that have REV installed - that would 
create big problems in my opinion.


On Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 12:05 PM, Alex Rice wrote:

> When I set it "always open" for me that always sticks, for that 1 
> file. What doesn't always stick for me is the "Change all" in the 
> "Open with" section of Get Info. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes not.  
> Rev is the only problem app I've encountered in this respect.
> Do all Rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
> property in their Info.plist? Apparently they do, and it's really 
> confusing the matter by making Rev standalones that should not be 
> document-centric, promoting them to document centric apps handling the 
> .rev filetype, in the eyes of the Finder. That's why I'm seeing 
> "FacilityCalculator" and several other standalones in "Open with" even 
> though they are not document centric apps and do not handle arbitrary 
> .rev files.
> So the two bugs I see are:
> 1) All rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
> property in their Info.plist (making them document centric when they 
> are probably not intended to be)
> 2) The Open stack dialog greys out .rev stacks that are (presumably) 
> missing the MacOS creator code. This is a bug because 
> declares in it's Info.plist that it will use .rev file extensions for 
> it's document type. Declared in the property CFBundleDocumentTypes. So 
> it's declaring it will use file extensions as a document type, but in 
> reality only uses the MacOS creator code. To be correct it should use 
> both file extensions AND creator codes. Or just drop the creator codes 
> support except on MacOS classic.
> possibly 3) Whether the "change all" not sticking in the Finder for 
> .rev filetypes could be an OS problem or could be a Rev problem. Maybe 
> Rev is not declaring it's filetypes exactly right, or the filetypes it 
> specifies for built standalones are screwing things up?
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