How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Robert J. Earp bob at
Sun Oct 26 20:34:06 EST 2003

>Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 13:18:27 -0800
>From: Ken Norris <pixelbird at>
>Subject: Re: How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?
>How do we create files that play on WMP? And further, how do we ensure that
>the user won't have to go to extraordinary lengths, i.e., outside of using a
>reasonably recent OS, to display media content?
>Like others, I must be able to create A/V and deliver apps that will display
>A/V on either Win or Mac (UNIX not necessary yet, but down the
>road...maybe). Setting separate sets of files is OK, but, e.g., how do I
>record sound for WMP in Rev?
>Ken N.

Ken, you could use .mp3 for audio.  Both QT and WMP support it.

For video, I understand that Panther (maybe even OSX) does not support any 
cross platform codec apart from Cinepak, which is pretty poor.   But it 
does means you can save video in both QT and, say, .avi formats using 
Cinepak as the codec.

Having said that, I suggest you save video in the best format/codec for 
each platform, and select the files on the fly according to the platform 
its running on.  For example, QT with Sorenson for MacOS, and .mpg with 
Indeo for WinOS.  I say Indeo as it's the only codec you can rely on being 
loaded on a WinOS machine.

Now everybody is going to throw rocks at me for the selection of codecs and 
formats !!

HTH, Bob....

best, Bob... 

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