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Alex Rice alex at
Sun Oct 26 12:05:18 EST 2003

On Oct 26, 2003, at 6:34 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> Actually, I think it is possibly not a bug.

Maybe not, but I think there *are* two reportable bugs related to this 
issue- below.

> 1. I remember something like this happening in Supercard in 
> OS9(Supercard projects were taking on the wrong icons when not built 
> into a standalone). (I had to change either the creator code or was it 
> the other code????)

But this is something different- this is a document type not binding to 
an application type.  Not merely getting the right icon to show up- as 
I recall that was often a problem on MacOS "rebuild the desktop" and 
all that business.

> 2. The behavior of the OS however is a bit odd. When set to always 
> open with it should stay and it does not.
> ( I don't see how that can be the fault 'bug' of Rev.)

When I set it "always open" for me that always sticks, for that 1 file. 
What doesn't always stick for me is the "Change all" in the "Open with" 
section of Get Info. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes not.  Rev is the 
only problem app I've encountered in this respect.

Do all Rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
property in their Info.plist? Apparently they do, and it's really 
confusing the matter by making Rev standalones that should not be 
document-centric, promoting them to document centric apps handling the 
.rev filetype, in the eyes of the Finder. That's why I'm seeing 
"FacilityCalculator" and several other standalones in "Open with" even 
though they are not document centric apps and do not handle arbitrary 
.rev files.

So the two bugs I see are:

1) All rev standalones have the .rev filetype CFBundleDocumentTypes 
property in their Info.plist (making them document centric when they 
are probably not intended to be)

2) The Open stack dialog greys out .rev stacks that are (presumably) 
missing the MacOS creator code. This is a bug because 
declares in it's Info.plist that it will use .rev file extensions for 
it's document type. Declared in the property CFBundleDocumentTypes. So 
it's declaring it will use file extensions as a document type, but in 
reality only uses the MacOS creator code. To be correct it should use 
both file extensions AND creator codes. Or just drop the creator codes 
support except on MacOS classic.

possibly 3) Whether the "change all" not sticking in the Finder for 
.rev filetypes could be an OS problem or could be a Rev problem. Maybe 
Rev is not declaring it's filetypes exactly right, or the filetypes it 
specifies for built standalones are screwing things up?

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