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Alex Rice alex at
Sat Oct 25 20:56:26 EDT 2003

On Oct 25, 2003, at 5:28 PM, Lee Perham wrote:

> Panther has an odd effect on Rev.  Rev 2.1.1 resides in my 
> applications folder. However, if I click open an application, rather 
> than opening Rev 2.1.1 it goes out and finds an old Rev 2.0 to open 
> itself. Even if Rev 2.1.1 is open, the application starts up an old 
> Rev 2.0.  If I open Rev 2.1.1 and use the Open Stack command under the 
> File menu everything works fine.
> ~ Lee Perham

Lee- yes, something strange is going on.

When I have 2.1.1 running, then clicking on a .rev file WILL open the 
stack in Rev 2.1.1. But I only have Rev 2.1.1RC installed on Panther.  
(So delete your old Rev versions?)

However, if Rev is NOT running, then it will not launch Rev when a file 
is double-clicked in the Finder. And I can't get .rev files to 
associate and stick with Revolution.

The usual method I am aware of doesn't work:

- Get Info on a .rev file.
- Choose "Open With"
- Select Revolution
- Click "Change All..."
- Get Info reverts back to the non-Revolution binding! (in this case 
it's "FacilityCalculator")

What's weird is the other bindings listed are the Revolution built 
standalones I've run recently. On my system that happens to be 
"FacilityCalculator" and "QRBuilder".

A workaround, that only works for *one stack at a time*, is to 
Right-click or Cmd-click on the file in the Finder. Choose "open with". 
Select Revolution. Check "always open with". Now that file will stay 
bound to Revolution.

How can one get all .rev files to bind with Revolution?

Another bug, which existed before Panther, is that in the "Open stack:" 
dialog in Revolution, a lot of stack files are greyed out. I assume 
it's using the Mac creator code and ignoring the file extension. OS X 
launch services supports both Mac creator codes and file extension 
types, so this can and should be fixed.

Does bugzilla items need to be opened for this stuff?

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