. Re: cross-stack globals, also, file inclusion

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sat Oct 25 13:16:47 EDT 2003

this is exactly what Compilit! gave to Hypercard -- and allowed one 
to create externals to do anything...faster..in Hypertalk code.

Tom Pittman, where are you now?

>It occurs to me that, for what I want to accomplish, perhaps my 
>focus should be more on "compiler directives" or symbol tables than 
>a generalized include capability.  In essence, what I want is the 
>ability to declare symbol names & values to the compiler.  If 
>support for data structures and tool box names were included in such 
>symbol tables, we would be one step closer to supporting direct 
>access to system calls via Transcript.
>Rob Cozens

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