How to use Rev with Media Player - anyone got a guide?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Oct 25 10:27:44 EDT 2003

Hi Stephen,

> Dear All,
> I think I am not alone in being a bit confused about what exactly one  
> can
> and can't do with players in Rev when QT is not installed.

Welcome to the exciting world of "CrossPlatformDevelopment"!!! :-)

> Like some other posts recently, I also have to produce an app for  
> windows
> machines that do not have access to QT (in my case a dedicated  
> swimming club
> machine, fixed with no internet access so QT cannot be installed at  
> all). I
> also backup the recent comments about teachers not being willing/able  
> to
> install QT in schools - my wife is a teacher and they simply use their
> machines as the come and never add things like QT to them.

Sad, but true...

> So, I guess my question is  - can someone possibly give a summary of  
> what
> can be done and what is displayed when using play or player in windows,
> without QT.

Well, i wouldn't call this an "official" summary, but just my  

What can (probably! test test test test!!!) be displayed on Win without  


AVI (even DivX, since AVI, like MOV, is just a container for different  
codecs etc...)
and MPG

NO midi and NONE of the win streaming formats like WMA etc...

I have successfully used the above mentioned filetypes on win without  
just with player-objects...

Still there were some surprises like WAV sounds which could be played  
in the WMP
as well as QT, no fancy codec, but it just does not want to play in  

And one MPG file was reported to always play at 0,0 of the card, big  
Although i could not reproduce this, i think thats true... ;-)
See line 1 ;-)

> As far as I can tell, there is no progress bar possible - is it
> possible to make one?

The controller is nice but also a QT only feature, yes...

Check this old stack of mine for a custom controller that will work  
with/-out QT:

Custom Controller for Players v1.0

You find it on: 

waaaaaaay down the page :-)

> Sound level seems to be adjustable from system level
> to zero, but can it be raised?

Sorry, no idea...

> Pause buttons,

Easy to create your own...

> speaker buttons etc don't seem to appear?

A simple "scalebar" (o to 100) with a simple script:

on scrollbardrag curr_value
    set the playloudness of player x to curr_value
end scrollbardrag

might do...

> This could well be down to my usage, but I can't find much in the  
> on-line
> docs that help in the differentiation between driving media player and  
> QT.


> A one place summary would be really useful I think. (an idea for a
> revjournal article perhaps?)
> Hope someone can help.

I hope this makes things a BIT clearer...

Again, test, test, test, test...
And test...!

> Best regards
> Steve King


Klaus Major
klaus at

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