Windows sound and music--help!

curry curry at
Sat Oct 25 04:23:07 EDT 2003

Scott Rossi wrote:

>You already know how to control the system volume -- adjust the global
>playLoudness property.

Thanks for your comments. About this one though--playLoudness doesn't 
seem to change the system setting, just the loudness for sounds with 
the play command. The music goes by the real system setting and 
changes volume when you change the setting in the system tray volume 
control, while the play command uses the playloudness, so there are 
two separate volumes. Not bad, if they could be both controlled 

I looked around on the internet and have some hopes that I'm going to 
be able to find a way to adjust the system setting; otherwise I'll 
have to change the way the game uses music.

(BTW, looping doesn't work in players without QT either--at least not 
for MIDI--and I did at least find the way to make that work in case 
anyone ever needs to do it.)

>The bottom line is though, messing with the system volume to manage sound is
>a hacked way to go.  Rev really needs to overhaul its sound capabilities.

Yep, yep. I hope it can be enhanced in general and also improved on Windows.

Curry Kenworthy
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