Play sound until done but I want to still interupt

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Fri Oct 24 13:28:46 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I would like to play a sound on openCard and then advance to the next 
card when it is done. But I would like to interrupt the sound if I hit 
the next button and stop the sound and proceed to the next page.

Also, I would like to still be able to click on another button during 
the playing of the sound file with out stopping the sound or stopping 
the method of waiting until sound done and then going to next card. The 
other button just enlarges some text on this card.

What I want to script is something like:
repeat until the sound is done allowing interrupts
- or -
repeat until the sound is done unless mouseUp
- or -
I hope you get the point.

So far I have: gmySound is True and gmyCount was from my last attempt 
to do a count and then open next card.
Another problem is I think the "pass openCard" is not happening at all. 
I put a break in debug mode and nothing happens at that point. and 
closeCard is useless in this case.

On openCard
   global gmySound, gmyCount
   put "media/01 Track 01.wav" into lmyPath
   if gmySound then
     play audioClip lmyPath
   end if
   repeat until the sound is done
   go next card
   pass openCard
end openCard

on closeCard
   play stop
end closeCard

Thomas J McGrath III
Advanced Media Group

220 Drake Rd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102
3mcgrath at

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