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Fri Oct 24 12:56:15 EDT 2003

If you don't find any other solutions then you may want to have two 
versions of your sound files for with or without QT installed and then 
load them accordingly. One can be sampled at a lower volume setting and 
the other at normal volume setting. I do this in an external sound app. 
I don't know about the MIDI files though since they rely on the system 



On Friday, October 24, 2003, at 10:05 AM, 
use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Best possible performance without QT is important to me so that
> people can try out the download without installing if they so desire
> (plus I'm still not even sure if QT will perform well enough or not
> with the MIDI music) and the game seems pretty dull without music, so
> I'm hoping to find a solution for adjusting the player volume or the
> system volume.

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