Movies (compressed audio) don't work in my standalone distribution

noslen at noslen at
Fri Oct 24 07:41:52 EDT 2003

I'm a newby with amateurish hypercard scripting ability who is trying 
to get a lot of QuickTime compressed sounds (4:1 IMA, MP3 & new MPEG 4 
ACC) to work in standalones for my music students. I use the new 
control command from the object menu to insert a lot of players that I 
render invisible and then play with  "start player"  handlers on open 
card or if the student needs extra help reading instructions, by 
clicking buttons to have text read to them. They work fine in sync with 
various animations I have scripted when I am running the Revolution app 
but when I build my standalones, I hear nothing.
Quicktime 6.4 is on the platforms I am trying my distributions on.

How do I get these files to accompany the distribution? Is 
there a way to make them a resource within the stack?

Thanks in advance to all you folks using lots of players 
in your standalones

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