Problems reading from files in the Classic environment

tsj at tsj at
Thu Oct 23 18:45:30 EDT 2003

I came across the situation recently where I developed an app under 
OS X that was destined for delivery under OS 9. Its core 
functionality is to read and display a series of html files. To 
ensure interoperability, the path to these files is constructed using 
the apps filename, environment and platform.

The app works fine when running under OS X and OS 9 but fails when 
running in the Classic environment. When I say fails, it starts up 
OK, it's just that it doesn't actually read any data from the 
requested files. Thinking that it was a path issue, I queried the 
existence of the files at the requested paths (if there is a file 
<filePath>), presuming that the problem was path related. The answer 
was true but the data was none! Same response even if I resorted to 
using the answer file dialog.

Am I missing something basic here or is this a real problem?


Dr Terry Judd

Lecturer in Educational Technology (Design)
Biomedical Multimedia Unit
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
The University of Melbourne

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