Save this stack fails - the solution

R. Hillen mail at
Thu Oct 23 16:12:59 EDT 2003

Hello list,

Two days ago I reported:

"On Mac OSX, RR 2.1

there is a simple stack: one button with the script:

on mouseup
save this stack
if the result is not empty then
    answer the result with "ok"
    answer "saved!" with "ok"
end mouseup

If I run that script under the developer-environment with the stack on
my HardDisk, no problems.

If I run the stack from our slow Windows-NT-Server, I get an error:
"cant´open file"
On the server remains the stack with tilde.
If I retry, it gets saved without error.

Next try I get an error again, next time no error and so on.

In the meantime I got a workaround with your help:
on mouseup
   put the filename of this stack into fn
   if there is a file fn then
     delete file fn
   end if
     save this stack as fn
   answer "saved!" with "ok"
end mouseup

This script saves the stack local and on the Windows-NT-Server without 

Alex Rice wrote:

 >>If I use a OSX-standalone from Windows NT Server (using Dave),
 >>I get errors.

 >What does this mean? I don't think can one can run any OS X app from
 >Windows. Dave is just a file-sharing utility, isn't it?

Pardon, Alex; the last two sentences in my original report were 
they belonged to another problem.

Graham Samuel asked:

 > Can R Hillen tell us what the OSX standalone looks like
 >when he looks at it on his Mac via Dave - is it a folder, or what?

It´s a folder, that´s right!

Richard Hillen.

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