Real-Time Aggregation of Streaming Data

frankienle at frankienle at
Wed Oct 22 15:54:04 EDT 2003

This may be pushing it but I think Revolution should be able to handle this!?

I have a cmd line application (old) that outputs to stdout on Unix system. 

It produces 10 comma delimited variables at approximately 80 lines per minute.

I can already redirect it into a scrollable field in revolution.

What I want to do is to able to aggregate that stream in as near real time as possible based on two of the fields the user has preselected. I then want to sort the list based off the aggregated fields from the largest to smallest.

Input Example (4 variables) - First line always has the field titles

Output Example One
Aggregated (user selected Make - aggregation is MPG )
GM,blue,120,500     #GM is number 1 since it has the current highest MPG value
volvo,yellow,119,532    #the last color of the make is reflected and both numeric fields are aggregated

If by Make and Color then volvo and ford  would have two lines.

Given the data amount and its speed which it arrives what is the best way for  Revolution to handle it? In an array, in a list with screen refresh selection, a temp file?

thank you in advance for any insight and wisdom


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