Stopping QT movies

Stephen Messimer steve at
Thu Oct 23 09:31:37 EDT 2003


I am having a problem stopping QT movies under certain circumstances. 
Is there a single message  that can stop a currently playing QT movie 
without specifying its player?  Actually I think there is such a thing 
but I can't seem to find any reference to  it in the documentation. 
Here's why I think it exists.

When I leave a card that has a player that is currently playing a QT 
movie the movie is automatically stopped.  This happens without me 
issuing any commands in a closeCard handler. So I'm thinking that there 
is some sort of msg sent to the player by Revolution. I would like to 
use this method.

I have tried using the stop command  and the " the showcontroller" 
property to stop a single QT mov.  This does seem to work under certain 
circumstances.  The method used when leaving a card would seem to be 
the easiest and cleanest.

Any body have any ideas?



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