Mac OS X bundles and the effective filename of this stack

Joel Rees joel at
Thu Oct 23 06:45:52 EDT 2003

I appreciate the brainstorming about include files, by the way. I've
seen several approaches that look like, collectively, should cover the
needs I see.

Now, I find myself with an odd puzzle. Is it a bug or a feature that a
Mac OS X bundle-style application reports its filename to be the name of
the object file buried in the bundle?

It was definitely surprising, although it does point to the potential
practical advantages of bundling. It would be nice to have some way to
tell the engine to report the filename as the thing that was double
clicked, other than to test the system, and if Mac OS X search backwards
to or whatever, if I want to access something that would be by
default in the same directory as the thing that was double-clicked.

(Who's willing to lay odds on MS implementing some sort of bundling in
the next version of MSwindows? Wait. They've already announced they're
going to bury the file system in a database engine, so I guess it would
be a sucker bet.)

Joel Rees, programmer, Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

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