Standard Icon in Answer Dialog Box

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Thu Oct 23 02:55:29 EDT 2003

Le jeudi, 23 oct 2003, à 08:51 Europe/Brussels, Gardner, Joseph A a 
écrit :

> Greetings folks. I'm looking for a way to put an icon in an answer 
> dialog box. I know about the 4 basic icons (information, question, 
> error, and warning [BTW, "answer information" and "answer question" 
> show the same icon. Does this qualify as bug?]), but wanted to put 
> another icon (#210009 from the Standard Icons group, actually) in the 
> dialog box if possible. Any ideas?
> TIA...
> joe.

look at the global grevAppIcon

global grevAppIcon

put "xxx" into grevAppIcon --"xxx" is the ID of your icon

answer <what you want>


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