cross-stack globals, also, file inclusion

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How about the appConstantsStack be a library? That way you can open it
with "start using"; it can initialize itself "on libraryStack"; and you
can call on its handlers directly:

  put giveMeThePath(theTemp) into myResultsPath

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> > Global constant proponents might think its usage wordy, though.
> In fact, wordiness is one of the things I would like to avoid.
> Using a handler as an accessor function actually would 
> achieve the functional aspects for what I was wanting, but I 
> hesitate at something like this:
>     put "ResultsPath" in line 1 of theTemp
>     put theUserName in line 2 of theTemp
>     send "giveMeThePath theTemp" to stack appConstantsStack
>     put the result into myResultsPath
> Since the path to appConstantsStack apparently can't be 
> relative, this technique becomes fragile, as well as wordy. 
> You have to assume that appConstantsStack (or perhaps the 
> main stack) has run and sent the message with the absolute 
> path of the appConstantsStack to all the independent sub 
> stacks, or you have to use some long and convoluted algorithm 
> to go hunting for it, and that algorithm has to be 
> implemented in every independent sub stack. 
> Substacks in the same file, of course, are not nearly as 
> problematic. Sometimes substacks in the same file seem 
> counter-indicated, however.
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