double trouble

sims sims at
Wed Oct 22 23:16:40 EDT 2003

>Good thinking!  Hey, sims, how do you know the many do not have 
>doubles but they are on top of each other.
Dar Scott

They don't show up in the Application Browser.

They don't show up when I show invisibles.

They only show up with a very small percentage who have tried the app.

They went away when I dropped metal finish (or so a customer emailed 
me this morning,
it's morning in the Med).

Never had this issue until I "went metal"...after close to two years 
of using the app.

Cannot reproduce problem here, so if they were there all along I am 
having a hard
time believing it.

Doubles are very neatly aligned next to each other.

Alll controls are doubled.

I *suppose* that there could be more which are on top of each other but cannot
see it here. In any event it is ugly...metal is not for me right now.



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