OT: Mac OS X have a "registry"?

Joel Rees joel at alpsgiken.gr.jp
Wed Oct 22 23:02:50 EDT 2003

Don't mean to criticize your friends, but 

> I 
> basically need a place to store an encrypted password, and I need 
> someplace to store it where people would be unlikely to find it. 
> Putting it in the preferences folder would be too obvious.  My 
> PC-buddies were telling me that the registry might be a good option,

this is kind of typical MS-PC think. 

I suppose, the MSW registry being as huge and difficult to search as it
is, the registry is sufficiently obscure to deter the less persistent.

Except that, if you know what you're looking for, it isn't really all
that hard to find it.

Which brings up the question of what your purpose is. What happens if
the password is found? What happens if it is cracked? Is the encryption
sufficiently strong, and is it long enough; is the encrypted form used
directly at some point so that possession of the encrypted form would be
tantamount to possession of the password?

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