OT: Mac OS X have a "registry"?

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Wed Oct 22 17:20:47 EDT 2003

Mac OS X's 'registry' is part of the Finder and file system, and is 
not accessible by mere mortals.

And since the Windoze registry is routinely accessed by machine and 
people, I would think it would be a quite poor place to put this 

Encription should handle this level of security -- hiding it like you 
suggest won't make it any better...

>Can anyone tell me if Mac OS X has a "registry", like Windows?  I
>basically need a place to store an encrypted password, and I need
>someplace to store it where people would be unlikely to find it.
>Putting it in the preferences folder would be too obvious.  My
>PC-buddies were telling me that the registry might be a good option, but
>I don't recall reading anywhere that Mac OS X has such a thing.
>This password just needs to be stored, and then the user reboots their
>Mac, and then in the startup folder will exist a .rev app that reads the
>password and acts upon it, and then deletes it, so it doesn't need to
>hang around after that point.

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