Getting cross-platform IP address

Jim Lambert jiml at
Wed Oct 22 15:35:46 EDT 2003

>>> set the itemdel to ":"
>>> get HostNameToAddress(item 1 of the address)

>And this works on my OS X, too.

>This also provides a hint as to why hostNameToAddress() does not work
>with my computer name.  It needed ".local" after it.  Maybe my computer
>name is not what I thought.

>I assume you are on Windows.  What OS?

>BTW, on OS X getting the text up to the colon is not needed; it works
>with all of the address.

>Now, for Mac OS 9...

On Windows the above snippet of code returns the IP address of the computer
as well as the Internet IP address of the router to which it is attached
(DHCP). Has anyone figured out a way of geting this important info under OS
9 preferably totally from within REV? Or with he help of applescript?

Jim Lambert
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