Large sound files

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Oct 22 13:57:11 EDT 2003

I have been looking at the Play command and Player items and can not 
get any of it to work via scripting. RIght now this is what I'm left 
with. the gmySound is True as a default.

What I want in the end is to check that gmySound is True, if so then 
check a sound file for that card, then to play that sound file. This 
seems pretty straight forward at first. I have tried the suggestions 
from the list but they have not produced a positive result.

I can however use the menu item for a new QT control and have it play 
physically but not yet by script. I don't want the controller or at 
least not to see it on the card and I want a different sound for each 

on mouseUp
   global gmySound, gmyPlayer
     if gMySound then
     --set the fileName of player 1 to 
Project/UnityCDRev/media/Unity1.mp3" -- this did not work
     --start player gmyPlayer
   end if
end mouseUp

on newPlayer -- assign a file
   global gmyPlayer
     answer file "Please choose a file to play:"
	put it into gmyPlayer
	open file gmyPlayer
	play gmyPlayer
end newPlayer

On Wednesday, October 22, 2003, at 12:00 PM, 
use-revolution-request at wrote:

> I don't quite understand this. Are you just using the plural of
> "player" or are you saying that there's another command "players"? I
> suppose because I've only used players to activate QT movies and
> sounds, then I thought you couldn't have a player without invoking QT
> - the docs really don't explain anything about the relationship
> between QT and the player object.
> Certainly simultaneous audio doesn't work using just 'play': I've
> just written an experimental stack with two buttons each of which has
> a statement of the form
>   play audioClip "mySoundn"
> (obviously with a different clip in each button), and when you start
> the second sound it just stops the first one and then plays itself.
> Am I missing a more complete description of what players are in the
> docs, other than the one you get by looking up 'player' in the TD?
> Graham

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